Wednesday, February 1

We've Moved!

Hey, we have undergone some transformations recently - including a change of address. The new location is


Come on over and see the new digs.

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a nice New Year's Eve. Looking forward to the new year and all the exciting adventures that await us in 2012.

And more kitty hijinx.

Saturday, October 8

It's Back to School Time

By request, I was asked to send along this update from our cousin in the north, up Pennsylvania way.
The summer fun is over, the weather is (finally) cooler, and everyone is paw deep in their school studies.

Back in my day, writing term papers meant slogging to the library, pouring over periodicals, and writing notes on index cards. These kitties today just log on to wikipedia.

Keep your whiskers to the grindstone.

Sunday, September 11


Today is not a good day. I want pictures of kitties.

Classic Senior High School Portrait pose

Really need that afternoon rest

Sisters that get along with each other, most of the time


And the man of the house, who is very slowly coming around

And we can't forget our cousin to the north

Well, I do feel a little better. Hope you do, too