Wednesday, March 24

The Plan- Re-bar (Oooooo!)

Update 3/24 -The Pool really took shape this Tuesday with the installation of the re-bar followed by the electrical today. I see less of a dirt hole and more of a Pool now. Shot-crete is next.

We also selected two citrus trees on Sunday,... a Sweet Grapefruit and a Tangelo. It's really coming together. (As usual you may click on the pics for a closer view).

Saturday, March 20

The Random Rocky Picture of the Day*

I'm never sure what precipitates these moments... it's a mystery to me. I've learned to just "go with it".

*Not a Daily Feature

The Plan- Plumbing (Woo Hoo!)

UpDate 3/20- This is what I came home to on Friday night. Kind of a "Hot Mess" eh? ... but progress nonetheless. This was about a days work.

There will certainly be more to follow. Don't touch that dial!
Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Wednesday, March 17

They Had a Plan (Update)

Update 3/17 - A 3 week of delay due to rain, rain, and yet more rain... but FINALLY the excavation for "Ye Olde Cemente Ponde" is complete. A Back-hoe, two dump trucks, and a Bobcat completed about 4 hours of work and voila!! ... a hole. (Click on the pictures for a closer look)

Electrical & Shotcrete are next.... stay tuned.

Friday, March 12

Good News! Voting No Longer Needed

Congressional Democrat leaders say, "Voting is for suckers!"
Courtesy of the Washington Examiner

Why bother to vote for a law when you can just "I Dream of Jeanie" it into existence by folding your arms and blinking.

Absolutely brilliant. Abortions all around! I'm in a celebratin mood.

Saturday, March 6

You Think You've Got Problems

Closing of Rest Stops Stirs Anger in Arizona (click here for full article )

Next time you drive from Phoenix to Tucson, bring that Mason Jar with you. This economy is a killer.

Funny, though. Seems like all the government cuts come in the areas most visible to the public. There's no cost savings available in overhead or administration or fat union contracts?

Not my job indeed. Guess we're not all in this together.