Saturday, October 31

Halloween Fun 2009

Happy Halloween. Hope everyone enjoyed the fun. We did here at the new house. I decided we should carve pumpkins. Haven't done that in about 30 years.


Creating art is difficult.

But I was very happy with the results. That's Ed on the top and me on the bottom

And we were even spookier in the dark!

We had about 30 visitors for the night. I consider that to be a resounding success.
Now on to Christmas

Friday, October 30

It's Birthday Time: Update

Yay! Lots of nice cards. Very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you.

We also would like to say thank you to Bernice, Monica, and Pat for the beautiful housewarming flowers.
(Rocky doesn't like the cat. Sorry)

Thursday, October 29

They Say It's Your Birthday

I want to say Happy Birthday to my C&C partner in crime.

Congratulations to Ed for marking another year off the calendar. Considering the events of the last 12 months, that is an accomplishment. We sold one house and bought another. Moved two times in 100 degree weather.

It was a year of termites, chimney caps, rusted diving boards, bathroom tile, pedestal sinks, Monogram ranges, shady satellite TV installers, Bridezillas, and Yardcrashers. And we didn't even leave the country.

We'll take it easy next year.

Sunday, October 18

It's Moving Day!

Of course Rocky is going with us!

This weekend was the big move. We are so grateful to our friends Michael and James for volunteering to help us. We could not possibly have done it by ourselves. I didn't realize how much incredibly heavy furniture we had. Oh, and the temperature was triple digits!

But two big truckloads and about seven hours took care of the biggest stuff. The rest can come later.

As you can see, it's a hot mess right now:

Although the kitchen is passable.

After 7pm last night, this was good enough to get by:

Yep, Rocky made it on the last carload of the evening. He has taken to his new surroundings surprisingly well. I'm impressed. He seems to like it here, as do we.

We will keep the pictures updated with our progress.

Sunday, October 11

Because you demanded it America!

When last we left our hero...

Looks like Levi will go Leviless. The father of the year (non-husband category) will again make his family proud.

We know you’re hitting the gym, but don’t forget the tanning salon, buddy. Anchorage doesn’t get that much daylight and you’ll need some sun on those buns.

It takes courage to expose yourself for the world to see whether or not you measure up. We’re all proud of you, kid. Everybody gets their 15 minutes. Some of us do more with them than others.

Oh, and a special note to Levi’s life coach: Heckuva job.

Friday, October 9

Nobel Peace Prize: Now more than ever!

Congratulations to the president for winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, as recognition of his many tangible accomplishments in bringing the world to the state it is in today.

I would also like to offer my thanks for being named the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner. Like the president, I am humbled by this award and do not feel I deserve it. But I will accept it, and the money.

And to all you haters out there, if you don't like it, you're with the terrorists.

Peace out

Tuesday, October 6

The Sweet Smell of Onions

I wish I had half of their talent. I couldn't have put it better myself.
Obama Health Care Plan Explained

Don't you feel better now?

Sunday, October 4

Friday, October 2


Chicago: Out
I'm laughing so hard I just shot schadenfreude out my nose.
Someone just got majorly punk'd.
Uber pwnage.

I can't help but blame Halliburton for this.