Friday, May 27

Just got back from a visit to the ABCs in the southeast: Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus. We took a short tour through the Pratt City area of Bham to see the tornado damage. Pictures and aerial footage don't show the magnitude like an on the ground view can.

Here's a brief look

Yes, that's a mattress in the tree.

Saturday, May 14

Birthday treats

It is always nice to get flowers for your birthday

And it is always nice to get cheesecake piled high with brownies, too

None for kitties.

Thankie thankies

Sunday, May 1

A toast, to the USA

Unfortunalely, due to the unexpected news, we didn't have champaign on hand. So late harvest reisling will have to do.

Bin laden is dead. May he suffer in hell.

It's our turn to celebrate in the streets. Many thanks to the American heroes that made this day finally happen.