Saturday, January 29

Snowflakes- by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Out of the bosom of the Air.
Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
Over the harvest-fields forsaken,
Silent and soft and slow
Descends the snow.
Even as our cloudy fancies take
Suddenly shape in some divine expression,
Even as the troubled heart doth make
In the white countenance confession,
The troubled sky reveals
The grief it feels

This is the poem of the air,
Slowly in silent syllables recorded;
This is the secret of despair,
Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,
Now whispered and revealed
To wood and field.

Photographer- Ed Flynn Sr.
Mountain Lakes NJ / 2011

Saturday, January 22

The Random Rocky Picture of the Day *

And now,... a message from our star:

"We are pleased that my minions have provided a tribute to my magnificence.
We thank them for their thoughtfulness." -Rocky

Ummm, hey sport .... it ain't for you.
Furthermore,... your big butt can hardly fit in the cabin.

(Shhhh - He doesn't realize that he is soon to be one of three.)

Me thinks this may not end well.
Standby for more Capers.

*Not a Daily Feature

Mom & MIM

While Mom was in town for a long weekend we thought we would check out the "Museum of Musical Instrments". The MIM provides you with a pair of earphones to use as you view the exhibits. You may wander from continent to continent and explore.

There's even a "Petting Zoo" where you can bang, strum & pluck to your heart's content.

For a music geek such as myself it was a real treat.

If this is your cup of tea,... don't miss it.