Thursday, November 26

Today's Menu

We outdid ourselves, I think

Honeysuckle White turkey breast, with gravy
Sharp cheddar cheese mashed potatoes
Pine nut rice stuffing
Asparagus with bernaise sauce
Spanish Cava (sparkling wine)

And for dessert, we will be eating the masthead up above (the pumpkin pie I baked)

So, what did you all have?

The Random Rocky Picture of the Day*

Thanksgiving edition 2009

We give thanks for Rocky
Rocky gives thanks for having an always full food bowl
Rocky not so much thankful for having an always full cat box

*Not a daily feature

Monday, November 23

Sunday, November 22

The Pictures Begin to Develop

Well we have been busy.

Some familiar faces, in new places

Yes, above the bathtub. But it works

When you have very large wall spaces and small pictures, you have to get creative

This grand piece is on permanent loan from the McClary-Rivera collection. We thank them for their generosity. It looks like it was made for the space

A place for everything, even upstairs

And our painted ponies are very happy in their new corral

Now our former staging area looks more like a formal room
Next comes Christmas

Sunday, November 15

Turning the House into a Home

Well, we have been in the new house for about a month now. It's functional, but there is still work to be done. Shifting more into the aesthetic mode now.

So this is sort of our staging area. As you can see, we have an inventory of wallables...

And many spaces to fill...

So now we mix and match! Keep watching for updates as we fill in the spaces

Saturday, November 7


I definitely enjoy my Starbucks...
It's not uncommon for me to stop 2-3 times a week on my way to work (time permitting).
However, ... this graph below has given me pause. (Click to enlarge)

Maybe I need less Mocha's and more Cafe Americano's ??