Thursday, August 20

Federline 2.0

Move over Kevin, there's a new sheriff in town. Hollywood is welcoming its newest star: Levi Johnston, the political world's most famous baby daddy.

Tick tick tick

When he's not too busy giving interviews to Tyra Banks and offering his expert political analysis on that famous tabloid fluff program, the Today Show, he is squiring noted ingenue Kathy Griffin to the Teen Choice Awards.

Tick tick tick

But hey, dishing the dirt on the Palins don't pay the diaper bills. What's next for the left's newest superstar? How 'bout droppin trou for a couple thou. Or run for Alaska governor. He's open to either option.

Tick tick tick

It's certainly been a whirlwind of activity. But then, when you only have 15 minutes, you better make the most of it. I can promise you kid, you won't get another shot at it.

Anybody heard from Candice Gingrich lately?

P.S. Hey Levi, keep up the Sarah badmouthing. What with you living in a glass house, so to speak. If you're Father of the Year material, your mom is a shoe in for Grandmother of the Year.

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