Sunday, July 26

Henry Louis Gates Jr.- Harvard Scholar,... Really?

Maybe it's just me,... but on the very few occasions when I have been approached by a Police Officer, I have tried to extend the courtesy of calmness and respect. My perception is that every day Cops walk into the middle of volatile situations. Just a little bit of Reality TV will show you that these Officers have to make difficult decisions instantly, often in wildcard scenarios.

I'm no Harvard Scholar, but if a Cop asks me for my ID, I don't argue with him. I just show it to him. I trust that he is serving the greater good for our community. I believe this courtesy has served me well over the years and has made my seldom and brief interactions with the Law generally enjoyable.

... and by the way Mr. President. If you are blithely unaware of the facts in a situation, you might consider keeping "mum"... otherwise you may come off as "acting stupidly".

You are, after all... a Harvard Scholar.

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  1. I couldn't agree more that we as citizens must respect and cooperate with law enforcement officers. I can't imagine doing anything else. That being said, I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am that I'm not black in America.