Saturday, June 19

Let's have some fun with demographics

Here's an interesting interactive map from Forbes. It shows graphically the migrating patterns across America, using data from the IRS. (See, they are keeping track of you.)

Here's what the Phoenix area looks like. Black lines are inmigration, red lines are outmigration.

I'm not surprised to see all the black lines from the northeast and upper midwest. We also get more than our fair share of California refugees. I am surprised to see as many red lines. I suspect our 20-year population boom has slowed or ended. Or there could be some snowbird migration showing, particularly to the north.

Oh, here's the map for State College, PA

Hmm, mostly red lines. But I can see a black line moving from Pima County, AZ. Wonder what would have caused that??

Go to the website and have some fun with other counties. If you want a real laugh (or cry), be sure to click on Detroit and Los Angeles. Gives new meaning to the concept of hemorrhaging.

I do want to thank Ace Of Spades HQ for alerting me to this.

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