Monday, June 22

Viva Neda

I am heartbroken by the events in Iran that include a young, beautiful woman being shot through her heart, most likely by police or other government security forces. Her crime was to stand up to tyranny and oppression, to demand rights which we recognize as God-given. To remind governments that they serve their populations, not the reverse.

Ordinary people change the world.

We will remember Neda for who she was and what she represents. Her murderer will be forgotten.

We will remember this man for bringing an entire repressive regime to a standstill. The driver of the tank will remain forever unknown.

I am deeply disappointed by the response of the United States government to the seekers of freedom and liberty in Iran that are dying in the streets to change their nation for the better. But I know without a doubt that the people of America stand with them in support of their just cause.

May they prevail.

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  1. Oh c'mon now....

    Why don't ya'll come over for a nice 4th of July Barbecue at the Embassy. We'll be serving Hebrew National Franks and Burgers. Mmm,Mmm, Mmm.

    Hey wait a minute...!
    When will we learn?

  2. Of course our President was deeply concerned and ready to lend aid if necessary to the Ayatollahs and other Iranian leaders who were forced to suspend the rule of law to supress their unruly people. He is showing the same concern for the leader of Honduras who unfortunately has found himself deposed because he was courageous enough to ignore his country's constitution in order to give his people what they really need (his continued presence). Come to think of it...I wonder if our president is thinking about his third term. MM