Sunday, September 27

The Starting Point

Here is the plot plan for our new house. This gives us the dimensions of what we will be working with when we begin to plan our landscaping. The back yard is approximately 100 feet wide and about 50 feet deep. We would also have two side yard areas that are 13 feet wide.

We are looking to put in a pool with a hot tub. I think the best location would be on the right side in front of the master bedroom. A basic rectangle or geometric shape should look nice. I would like some good shade and privacy trees along the side walls. This includes several citrus!! I want the overall landscape style to be desert, xeriscape. I'm not looking for lush or tropical. Think Desert Botanical Garden.

We toured the Home & Garden show yesterday and made some contacts for pool and landscape design. Once we get moved in, we should get a general plan together for the basic layout.

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