Tuesday, December 8

It's Continuing to Look Alot Like Christmas

That's right. The new house is just too big for only one fake tree near the door. So we got a real one. Here it is newly arrived and naked.

And then after we dressed it.

Look at the purty lights.

As you know, this is definitely a cat house!

And that's just how we like it.

Rocky likes the Christmas train
And he loves the Christmas babies!


  1. Ed you are starting to become a Mac Whorter/ Fluck, We are wearing off on you. Next it is soft butter and you have to get rid of the other fake tree!!!!!! Guess who////

  2. Hmmmm Gizmoejf,..... now who could you suppose that might be?

    Fake tree is going bye-bye cause after about 10 years is looking pretty ratty.

    The butter remains in the fridge Annie.

    PS- Check your E-mail on X-mas Eve.

  3. Wow - it looks like you boys have really tricked out the house for the holiday! Impressive. I love the train set around the tree.