Thursday, December 24

New Traditions

Christmas Eve Morning I was advised that the C&C household will be making the "Traditional Christmas Eve Stew".

Traditional?? Seeing as we are living in a new house, I inquired as to where/how this Tradition started..... I didn't recieve a clear cut answer.

Shutting my bazoo, I browned the beef while reflecting on Tradition. I suppose somewhere in between E-mail, Text Messages, Iphones, Bluetooth Devices, Facebook, etc... there are small, seemingly meaningless, events that get imprinted on the fabric of our lives. Great thing tho, is that these unassuming little occasions and customs ground us. They bring us back from the kinetic and frenetic.

So this Christmas, whether you are Near or Far... Tele-conferencing, Texting, Tweeting, picking up the phone...,etc, remember that it's all about the Family and Friends you're sharing these sneaky little Traditions with,.... New & Old.

Much Love and Best Wishes to you all this Christmas.

PS- I'm looking forward to many more "Christmas Eve Stews".

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