Friday, January 22

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother's birthday. Here is a salute to her.

She gave me life

A voracious reader, she fostered my enjoyment of reading as well by taking us kids with her to the library frequently, making it an event to look forward to.

A multitalented artist and craftist, she has dabbled in just about every art imaginable, both fine and applied. I learned to play piano by watching her.

She has both a culinary arts degree and an English degree, both of which she finished later in life after making the sacrifice to stay at home to raise her children. Something that, even without realizing it at the time, I am extremely grateful for.

Compassionate, kindhearted and gentle, but with a resolve of steel and an unshakeable adherence to a strong moral and ethical code. And you don't get over on her, ask anyone who has tried.

Today she is enjoying the bucolic life in rural Pennsylvania, where her chief role is grandmother to three girls and mother to one cat


  1. That was a fine tribute. Of course her end score for the game was more than the rest of ours put together. know we have a post office and a vet...

  2. I suppose it is a little ironic. We have more horses and cows within a one mile radius here in Chandler than you all do up in Warriors Mark. Maybe we're the bucolic ones.