Friday, January 1

Happy Gnu's Ear

Generally, I'm not unhappy to see 2009 in the rear view mirror. It was a year of ups and downs.

The majority of it was occupied by real estate dealings - selling one house and buying another.

It was a year of new starts - the birth of my third niece and the hatching of this blog.

It was a year of promise and promises - not enough of them realized or kept.

2009 began with a sense of cautious optimism and ended with a sense of optimistic caution. Make of that what you will, it sounds cool.

Our hope for 2010 is that of a year filled with delight, pleasant surprises, surmountable challenges, and always love.

Enjoy your 2010, it's the only one you get.

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  1. Happy New Year Folks. Let's be careful out there. Let's all keep our wits about us.