Tuesday, May 4

I Kid You Not

The Phoenix Suns will wear "Los Suns" on their jerseys in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals on Wednesday night.

Um, the Spanish translation of the suns is los soles.

If I cared at all about the NBA, I would be embarrassed for them. I am in no way embarrased because of them.

You did very good to make all those baskets, Stevie.

Now all you players go back to waving your guns around, driving drunk trolling for oral sex, assaulting chauffeurs. Oh, and beating up your wife.

Stones, glass houses - some assembly required.

1 comment:

  1. As a AZ resident, I am pleased that we've taken this step.

    And thanks so much Congress & Whitehouse, for your support... I mean you guys have done such a "cracker-jack" job over the past 15 years that you can really afford to throw stones...(you arrogant self-important douche-bags).

    ... and another thing,.... Seems that many of the folks who haven't taken the time to read the law seem to be the first to denounce it. Sorry Kidz, but if you don't do your homework you get an incomplete. Try showing up prepared next time.

    Lastly,.. I never leave the house without my Drivers License... who the heck does?