Sunday, May 16

Quiz Master

Are you ready for a quiz?
My dad is world famous for these, they are a staple of birthday celebrations.

Here is the quiz that is all about

My answers are in the comments. Feel free to add your guesses, or correct mine.

Have fun, work in teams.

1. Is 43 a prime number?

2. What are the prime factors of 43?

3. What is the Roman Numeral designation for 43?

4. Does the 43rd line of West Longitude circle the earth?

5. What is the 43rd book of the Bible?

6. How many books of the bible have at least 43 chapters?

7. How many times is the phrase ‘forty-three’ or ‘forty and three found in the Bible?

8. Numbers 26:7 These are the families of the __________________, and those who were numbered of them were 43,730.

9. What was the 43rd State to join the union?

10. Who was our 43rd president?

11. 43rd verse of Gen: And the gold of that land is good; the bdellium and the onyx stone are there. What is bdellium?

12 The sum of which two prime numbers equals 43?

13. If you open a book, the number 43 means what?

14. On Interstate-43, if you pass exit 43, and then mile marker 43, which direction are you generally traveling?

15. On which day would a horse have to be born in order for it to be a ‘yearling’ for 43 days?

16. What is your cardinal age?

17. What line of longitude lies directly opposite of the 43 degrees West line of longitude?

18. In a number system with a base of 43, how would you designate the number 44?

19. How would you designate ‘43’ in binary code?

20. What time would it be if it was 43 minutes before 3:00 am?

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  1. Here are my answers. I'm not telling if I looked them up beforehand. But definitely some of them I knew without consulting any reference material. You'll have to trust me on that.

    1: Yes, 43 is a prime number.

    2: As a prime number, the only factors of 43 are 1 and 43.

    3: Roman numerally, 43 = XLIII

    4: No, longitude lines do not circle. This is because they are designated as degrees from 0 to 180 in each direction. Once longitude 43W reaches the poles, it changes to longitude 137E.

    5: The Gospel of John is the 43rd book of the bible.

    6: There are five books of the Bible with at least 43 verses: Genesis, the Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, & Ezekiel. All Old Testament. Job comes up just short at 42.

    7: I read the whole Bible and I was unable to find any occurrences of forty-three or forty and three.

    8: Numbers is a census of the Tribes of Israel.
    (full disclosure, that was my unaided guess. The actual answer is Reubenites.)

    9: The Gem state, Idaho, is the 43rd United State.

    10: George W. Bush was 43rd president of the US.

    11: Yuck. Bdellium is an aromatic gum secreted from a tree. A Wal-Mart version of Myrrh.

    12: 41 + 2 = 43. All are prime numbers.

    13: Well, odd numbered book pages are on the right hand side. The number 43 would designate the 43rd page.

    14: I'm going to say North. Odd numbered interstates run N-S. Exits are numbered beginning at the southern state border and increase moving north. Exit 43 should lie at any point between Marker 42 and 43.

    15: I'm going to go with November 19, which is 42 days before January 1 in a standard year.

    16: My cardinal age is 43. Ordinally, I am beginning my 44th year.

    17: See answer 4: Longitude 137E.

    18: Number 44 in base 43 would be written as 11.

    19: Number 43 in binary is 101,011. I did this manually.

    20: 43 minutes before 3am is 2:17am.