Thursday, May 7

Busy Boy, and a little bit about me

Well I see my partner-in-blog has been very busy! He was very kind to put up the Simpsons and Duran Duran widgets. I am the big Simpsons and Duran Duran fan. Although not as much anymore for the Simpsons as I used to be. But that's a long story for another post.
*cough* jumped the shark *cough*

Still a major Duran Duran fan, have been since 1985, including their two side projects: Power Station and Arcadia. They have always been my favorite band and I was fortunate to see them perform here in Phoenix five times since 1989. They put on a great show each time, very entertaining and high quality performances.

The Ella Fitzgerald fan belongs to my SO. I'll let him talk about that.

That's a little bit about me. Thanks for listening

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