Friday, May 15

Happy Birthday

I’m very fortunate to share my birthday, May 15, with someone special: my Aunt Carolyn. It has always given us a special connection and so today I wish her a very happy birthday. She is a warm, kindhearted person. She has been blessed with children and grandchildren that she absolutely adores. She is a devoted sister to my mom (who is visiting with her right now), and she was a gentle, loving caregiver to my grandmother during her final days.

Happy birthday,
Love Keith


  1. Happy B-Day - Michael & James

  2. Hey Keith! Happy Birthday! (yeah, a little late :( ). Raena saw your pic on here with the Superman t-shirt and said "that looks like Uncle Keith!" (she says 'hi' BTW)

    Thanks for our chat while you were here last on turning 40. It was encouraging and enlightening :)

    Happy Bday again :)