Sunday, May 24

Craigslist Post....

Male seeking Female(s)
About Me: Lonely Fabric Manufacturing Engineer looking to live a Bohemian Lifestyle. In touch with the earth/ Eco-friendly sorta guy.

Hobbies – Grazing, Humming, Distance Spitting

Looking For: Female(s) with long legs, neck, and nose.
Fun loving natural girls (not into shaving).

Secret Dream-
To record a Duet with my brother Kenny G.
Favorite Cologne- Eau du Merde

1 comment:

  1. Hey, that's my main squeeze! and Beebe just had a baby boy on saturday, I wonder if that's mine? or Dynamites? i hate when i don't know who the parent is! the cute ones are all mine. wonder when i'll jump the fence again? I'm such a DUDE! where are all the long necked women?