Tuesday, May 19

The Wait is Over 5/17

I was 4 years old when Captain Kirk and his crew began slumming through the galaxies. It took only 3 years (and an undesirable time slot) for the original series to burn itself out. Nevertheless, a legion of devoted fans was created, and a Cash-cow was born!

Warp forward to 2009. Can we bust the mold, remake it, and do this all over again?
In this viewer's humble opinion,... Mooooo!.


This is what works and what doesn't about this latest Star Trek reincarnation.

Works- Sex appeal and a strong Ensemble. Unless you've been vacationing on Risa for the past year, you've probably noticed that the new Cast is smolderingly hot. Kirk, Uhura, Bones, Chekov, Sulu, and even Spock, reek with raw sensuality. Less so with Scotty who's function appears to be primarily comic, but let's be realistic,... he IS an Engineer!

Did someone say Pon farr?? Is that Uhuru and Spock Mack-ing on the transporter pad? Truth be known, this made me uncomfortable.

Leonard Nimoy notes that the question of Spock's extraordinary sex appeal emerged "almost any time I talked to someone in the press...I never give it a thought....to try to deal with the question of Mr. Spock as a sex symbol is silly.

Len, you're on the money. Be careful Paramount!

Works - Special Effects. To be expected in a movie of the genre. Yet,... it delivers.

Weaknesses- Temporal Story Lines "Does anybody know what time it is?"
OK, here's the secret in the sauce,... if you want to save favorite characters from the same old grind of a 1960's series, simply mix in a dash of Temporal anomaly and start re-writing your time line. This is a solution that Kirk would be proud of... albeit a "cheating" one.... more of that when you see the movie.

So, if you're long standing Trekkie, take the $7 out of your pocket and go see the movie.(... unless you're a Ferengi, in which case you'll end up waiting for a bootlegged copy about a year from now).


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  1. New Star Wars movie = maximum movie entertainment value!! I'm not a big fan of the franchise, but it's clearly been reinvigorated, and it's well-positioned for building on this success. Whomever was in charge of casting hit every nail on the head!